Saturday, April 20, 2013

 All bowled out
My bowls for the empty bowl project in which the Port Hacking Potters are involved with are bisqued, just need a light sand and glaze applied then fired. Did a couple extra as you never know how they will turn out. Warped, u/g patchy, cracks, etc etc the list goes on.                               

Should fire them in a couple of weeks.
That's it from me this week but hop on over to Mud Colony and so what all the other clever potter's are doing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finally back to the blog.
It has been a few weeks. Have managed to do a few thing in the studio like bisque firing and glazing.
I have had my daughter and 2 grandson from Japan for the last couple of weeks which along with work has kept me quite busy. So hear is a quick update with what I have been doing.

My two grandson Justin and Liam at the Royal Easter show. I was there with the Port Hacking Potters group demonstrating.

 went to Bunnings to-day and brought some wood to make some stands for pots for an exhibition in a couple of weeks. PVC pipes to use as moulds for some cylinders for an ? exhibition next year .

Need to start packing the kiln for a bisque

Waiting for pots to dry for turning and putting to- gether and decorating .
Hope I can turn to-morrow as back to work on Sunday Just as well for garbage bags keeps the pots nice until I can get back to them.
I am sure I am not the only busy one why do not pop over to htttp:// and see what all the other talented people from Mudcolony are doing