Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kiln Fillers
I started packing my kiln during the week. I had made quite a few plates so there was a lot of room around them .  Could not quite think of what to do and then I remembered that I still had stilt wire left over from making some stilts a couple of months back. A friend of mine use to make them . She use to cut up Kiln wire ( don't known how to spell the correct name, just to lazy or more correct have not got the time to look it up). The wire is quite hard to cut up anyway  I was at the ceramic store a couple of months ago and guess what? they now come in little packets all ready cut up perfect. A little expensive but then so is kiln wire. Made quiet a few in all shapes and sizes. Brought ones are ok but sometimes never the wright shape, wires are too far apart and you piece fall off during firing. They fire ok have taken them up to 1240  centigrade. I found they were perfect for some scoops I made.


Not pretty but serve the purpose. That all from me this week so why don't you hop over to and see what everyone else is up too.


  1. I used to make my own stilts and had a good recipe for stilt clay. Which, alas, I lost in one of my many studio moves. What do you use for your stilt clay. Do you have a recipe you are willing to share.
    I love the nitty-gritty stuff of pottery!

  2. I've recently used stilts to fire some beads that had too small a hole for threading on suspended wire. Just meant no glaze on one end which won't matter once they are made up. Did you get the pre-cut wire from NSW Pottery supplies?