Saturday, May 18, 2013

Workshop with Dr Susan Hayes
Last Saturday week I attended a workshop at N.S.W Potteries supply on 3D laboratory in forensic antatomy. The workshop dealt with reconstructing the muscles, subcutaneous tissue, eyes and skin on a skull using clay. Dr Susan Hayes is a renowned and experienced expert in the world of forensic science and anthropology. She teaches workshops in both reconstruction through drawing and clay.
The work shop was well attended we all worked on half a skull. The class was full on a lot of work to cover in one day.
Here are some pics of the day

 This is the head I did with my partner . my side is on the right I don't think we did bad.
All the heads  not bad but they don't all look alike and they were all the same skull.

We used paper clay dark for the muscles white for the skin and subcutaneous tissue and thin sleds of white for the skin.

Mudcolony is asking us all if we have any favourite pots. I learnt years ago not to get attached because when did they were doomed to death. Either dropping it, kids breaking it or something melts on it in the kiln. So no favourites.  So why don't you hop over to and see what everybody else is doing also see what their favourite piece is


  1. Wow, that would be an interesting career. What a different way to use clay.

  2. Fascinating! Was there an actual face that the original skull came from so you could compare at the end? It would be great if you could peel the clay off and fire them.