Monday, July 16, 2012

Iintroduction to Rhondas Ceramic Studio

Hi my name is Rhonda Morris, I have a little ceramic studio in Gymea Australia. I am new to blogging so bear with me. I have been playing with clay since 1996 when I attended an evening college course. My teacher was fantastic and after a few lessons I was hooked. my teacher encourage us a lot took a great interest in our group we were introduced to  rake and pit firings.
After a few years I decided to do a ceramics course at the local Tafe. After 6 years I finally finished with a Advance Diploma in Ceramic.
Now i have my own Kiln (electric) would love a gas kiln, maybe one day. 
About my work - I do a variety of work mainly in porcelain and stoneware. I fire to Cone 6 or 1220 centigrade but occasionally will fire to 1280 centigrade.
Still experimenting a lot with decorations. I am trying mishima and printing on clay at the moment.
Invested in a Risso machine a few years ago so am happy playing with that for the time being also experimenting with solar screens.
I still work full time so my time on ceramics is limited. I do shift work so i tend to have a bit more time than if I was working normal hours
I will post some pics when I find my way around the blog set up.
Happy Blogging

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  1. Hi Rhonda
    A nice intro and welcome to the world of blogging :^)