Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Above are some examples of my work. The top photo is an example of my porcelain work. It is slip trailed, fired to 1220 centigrade and polished . It is sitting on a saucer made from raku clay.
The second picture are examples of my crustation series. The pieces are thrown and coiled, sprigg decoration, slip, oxides and a dry glaze. Some pieces are made from paper clay and some from raku clay.
the last couple of weeks I have been making slab moulded plates so I can experiement with different  printing method. Now it is spring should be enough sun about to try some eziprint screens which are developed with sunlight. All of this tends to be a learning curve as with everything associated with ceramics.
In September I attended a world Raku day that was organised by Cone 6 Clazes blog site. Jan Wallice and I were the only ones that had a raku. We got some good results. My pots are the uncleaned ones and Jan's are the lovely cylinders. It was a great night ,very windy but it did not spoil the night. It was great meeting Jan and the bonous is that she only lives 40 minutes away so more raku firings are  planned.

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