Sunday, October 7, 2012

This week beside setting up my blog  (mark 3) I have been making some plates an inspiration from fellow Mud Colony potter Helen Perret. We both got the idea of how to make the plates using paper plates as templates from Ceramics Daily website. I am using the plates as an exercise in printing on clay . I tend to get bored when just doing tiles so I find this is a fun way to play.
the following pics are examples of what I am playing with.

The last picture shows one of my risso screens . Still on a steep learning curve with this. The illustration I get from Dover books the come with a CD with the clip art on and are royalty free. You can play around with the illustration in photoshop or illustrater which again is a steep learning curve.
Anyway that is me for this week so pop on over to Mud colony and see what everyone else is up to.


  1. Hi...I found you via Mud Colony. What caly body and what temp do you fire to?

  2. good to see you up and running with your blog! Nice 'tests' - might have to try that plate method myself