Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kiln Firings 
This week I have been mainly glazing, unpacking a glaze firing from Sunday Evening and repacking and doing an other glaze firing.
i tested the new ironstone clay that Keanes has recently brought out. I have seen how it looks in stownware firings but was interested to see how it looked in cone 6. It turned out lovely a nice walnut colour. I can see great possibilities so more testing on its way.
Below is an example of a  bowl  underneath clear glaze centre I used an underglaze bit pale but as I said an experimental piece

The E/W clay from blackwattle fired well. ALL MY CONES WERE DOWN 5,6 & 7 I do a 25 min soak so cone 7 always goes over .
The plates I made from using paper plates as a mould turned out fine so I will keep doing these.

Also the results of some spoons (although rather large should get smaller with practice) . I think I will call them scoops. ( That is what I am using them for). A bit lopsided but it does give them that hand made look.

Anyway that is all from me this week so why don't you hop on over to mudcolony and see what every one else is up to.


  1. Hi Rhonda, great post, and I see Jan Wallace has joined the Colony :^) Is that Ironstone fully vitrified at the lower temp? It has a nice creamy look in your test bowl..

  2. hi Rhonda, i like the colors you're using, and am looking forward to seeing more of what you're up to via mudcolony, m