Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hi Mud Colony potters and followers
Another week has gone by finished throwing with some Blackwattle earthenware clay I brought a while back. I have been told by Blackwattle it will fire to Cone 6 and this has been supported by a fellow potter  who has fired it to cone 6.
So this week i have fired a bisque and just unloaded it this pm

I glazed during my days off from work ( which too often interferes with my love of clay).
Packed a glaze firing and have just put it on. Should be just about finished by the time I leave for work at 0545 tomorrow.

The above is the bottom shelf packed with cups. Why cups ? I find it good to throw a couple each time I throw. I think I am trying to find the perfect shape and practicing handles at the same time.
I put one of the blackwattle E/W in as a test.
That enough from me so hop on over to Mud Colony and see what everybody else is up to.

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